To the newly Baptized, to those recently Confirmed and those who received their First Communion. We started in October and those months flew by fast. The completion of the Sacraments of Initiation, is not the end, but a beginning. A continuation on the road led by the Spirit to new life in Christ.

First Week of 2021

It has been a very memorable first week of January ‘21! However, as we continue with our walk with Christ, His Love is everlasting. No matter how are lives are going we need to trust in the Lord.

For this week’s RCIA Session (1/13) we will be discussing “The Early Church/History of the Church”. See you there!

2020 Closing, RCIA Sessions Starting Up

Hello Everyone! 2020 is in the rear view mirror. We are all praying for a better 2021. Our first RCIA session for 2021 is scheduled for January 6. It’s been nearly 3 week since we last gathered. Looking forward to seeing everyone again! Until then, I hope the remainder of 2020 is wonderful!

Our next Topic for Discussion is: “The People of God” from Journey of Faith, C10.