10 November: Our First Retreat

The RCIA group met at St. William Catholic Church for an all day retreat.

Attendees were: Freedom Franceen, Joyful Johanna, Amicable Amy, Sunny Susan, Aerospace Allan, Sunshine Susan, Constructive Conor, Jovial Joseph, Jolly Jenny, Tough Tanusca, Freedom Flora, Ecstatic Elizabeth, Loving Lourdes, Remarkable Rosalyn, Jokester Jennifer, Truthful Thomas, Interesting Israel, Happy Hector, Jennifer W., Party Pat, Trent and Manuel.

At the Start of the Day

Preparation for our activities for the retreat.


For the month November, we remember those who have passed away. Our day started with a reflection on our own remembrance of our friends and family who have passed.

Lunch Break

Johanna, Elizabeth, Lourdes and Flora is seen enjoying lunch. Many thanks to the team who prepared the fixings!

Manuel (foreground), Trent, Conor, Fr. Jospeh, Rosalyn and Thomas engaged in deep conversation during lunch.

Amy and Susan were “Amicable” and “Sunny” for the photo.

The Clay Exercise

At the end of the day

Standing: Flora, Lourdes, Elizabeth, Trent, Thomas, Rosalyn, Manuel, Conor. Front Row: Taniuska, Susan, Amy

10/2: Pics from the first session


The Team coming together to break bread and prepare for the year!